Newborn Picture Idea…
newborn pic by shannon richmond photography with Alphabet monkey quilt

I received this beautiful feedback photo from Hayley this week which features her precious newborn bundle with her Alphabet Monkey quilt is the background.

Its such a lovely shot , taken by Shannon Richmond Photography.  It makes me wonder why I never got around to having Campbells newborn picture done.  And then I wanted one while he was little a family shot..but still no photoshoot has taken place.  Now he is going on five and I think..where did that time go?  But thanks to this age of camera phones we have so many pics documenting every little thing he did so I guess thats ok.

Now with number two on the way I will definitely get something done.  A shot of baby with his big brother will be cute.

I think that this photo idea would also make a great birth announcement for those who are organised enough to do them..maybe add some text to the left over the quilt with all the birth details.


UPDATE… We are expected our shipment of the Ashkii and Storm any moment..its currently stuck at customs..aahhh.

Stormy Collection
Stormy cot collection by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces.

So in all the excitement of introducing the new Ashkii Teepee inspired range I realised I had completely overlooked sharing with you the updated Stormy Collection.

We can now offer a bigger range of co ordinating items for the Stormy collection to cater for your nursery or your move into a big bed.  Range includes cot fitted sheets, bunting, cushion covers, single quilt cover, cot quilt and swaddles. i am so happy with the quality of all the fabrics and the finishes.  As with the Ashkii range..these are our own exclusive designs which are screen printed by hand and then made up by talented artisans in Indonesia.

Look at this adorable bundle below..Storm Organic swaddle pictured on the Black Raindrop fitted sheet.  Both the sheet and the swaddle are also available in soft grey..great for unisex.

Stormy collection by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces.


Stormy Quilt cover by alphabet monkey.. the ABC of cool boys spaces.

The single bed quilt cover can be used on the reverse for a cool black and white vibe, as pictured below.

Storm quilt cover by alphabet monkey..the ABC of cool boys spaces.


All items have been available for preorder but the stock should be here next week so any orders will go out very soon.  You can check out the range here.


Little Indian Nursery…
Little Indian nursery by alphabet Cool bedding for little boys.


Hello again,

Today I have put together a little nursery collage cause I haven’t done one in ages. I’ve mixed up the Ashkii range with some great other nursery products to create the Little Indian Nursery.

You may notice that gorgeous emerald green metal cot  by Incy Interiors featuring front and centre.  It’s the latest colour in their metal range arriving in September.  This only confirms to be that we are definitely yet to see more of this vibrant shade in kids interiors yet.  Emerald was the Pantone colour of the year in 2013 and I was actually surprised that I didn’t see all that much of it around.  Especially in interiors .  But as I predicted it is creeping in more and more this year in both fashion and interiors and I think that as mums tire of black, white and yellow ..they will move onto this fresh colour.

You will find our Ashkii linen available in our online store here.  The good news is that it may be here as early as next week.. a bit earlier than anticipated. We have already had such an overwhelming response to preorders from those of you who don’t want to miss out and we will have them posted off to you as soon as they arrive.

The super cool ‘Wild and Free ‘ print is from our friends at  May and Belle  , I have it in yellow but I’ll have to get the green now.

That gorgeous hand made timber feather mobile is from Etsy at The Red Bird shop

And the super cute paper cutout Teepee wall art is from Piccolo Studio


Guess what???
Our baby news


Firstly I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately but as you can see I have got a good excuse.

Yes thats our news…we are expecting and I’m 13 weeks along.  It was just over 13 weeks ago when I was on the flight home from Bali, I was nursing my friends baby ..a tiny 9 week old so she could wrangle the two year old.  He just slept the whole time and I quietly wondered to myself if I would ever have a baby this tiny of my own again.  Especially as Campbell is just so big now you just wonder where that baby went.

Well the universe answered and I was pregnant about a week later..not that I knew it for another 5 weeks.

So here I am with another adventure ahead of me. New plans to make.  Not that I had been feeling like making plans.. I was nauseous a lot and then came the waves of depression.  Some days I just wondered why I even bothered with Alphabet Monkey and I always had to keep reminding myself that I won’t feel this way forever.  And I don’t…I am already starting to feel a lot better and more like myself again.

So its onwards and upwards.. we have stock to organise and design, I’m off again to Bali in September and the sewing room is going to have to give way to a new nursery….and best of all winter is nearly over.

It’s time…. Ashkii range preorders
Ashkii range SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey. #teepee #b


Our beautiful new ranges are now officially open for you to preorder.  As I mentioned there are a lot of combinations for you to mix and match.


Ashkii/Brave range SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey.  Cool boys


And we are also introducing our patterned fitted cot sheets available in all our exclusive hand screen printed designs.


Ashkii /Brave SS14-15 by Alphabet Monkey Ashkii /Brave SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey


Our Brave range features the Arrow print..perfect for a simple black and white nursery or equally at home mixing it up with the Ashkii range.

The sheets will also fit the boori cot.


Ashkii Range SS14/15 by Alphabet Monkey


And yes we have also included a single bed quilt cover set..geo prints on the top side with the black arrow print on the reverse.

Single is the largest size we can do in this.

So head over to our website to check out all the new designs and combinations here.

First drop preorders are limited so don’t miss out…Preorders will ship in mid August.

Ashkii Range , Spring/Summer 2014-15
ashkii6ashkiiwordsashkii range ashkii8ashkii2ashkii4ashkii9ashkii7ashkii5


We are incredibly excited to present you with the first pics of our Ashkii Range.  We love these story shots by local photographer Jade Flores Photography capturing the spirit of our Ashkii Navajo boy .. determined, adventurous, inquisitive.  Loving to explore nature, and the opportunity to be a free range kid with his tribe of buddies.

We have been waiting so long to launch it and now the time has come..yay!    We have made it so easy for you to create the modern nursery of your dreams and we now offer items to take you right through to the big boy bed.  The mix and match options are endless giving you the starring role when it comes to styling up a storm in your little mans room.

Preorders will be available staring Monday 8th July to claim a piece of this super cool range from our first shipment.

This range will only be available initially through our own store

Winter whites…
whitenursery 1


This last week winter has really hit us here.

Winter winds have bought the belated first blizzards and blankets of snow to the australian slopes and we can feel the wintery blast here.

So with winter and snow in mind I thought I’d collect a few all white nurseries.


white2 white3


They all benefit from the warmth of wood.  I wonder where they hide all the colourful toys and bit and bobs that gather as time goes by?

You can check out more of our nursery collections on pinterest or go straight to our gender neutral board here.

white nursery4
Another milestone..thank you!
5000 Facebook


Hello all,

I just realised how long it had been since I last touched base with you all so I’m super sorry about the total silence on my end.

To tell you the truth I had still been trying to wrangle it all out with the new ranges and all and trying to just relax and realise that things always take longer than you anticipate.  I’m not so good at waiting and as it turns out neither are a lot of you..hehe.

So we have our samples and are in the process of getting some pics ready for the preorder in the next week.  Still to finalise a date for first round of product to drop but all good.

I’ve also been feeling a bit under the weather, it seems to get everyone at this time of year doesn’t it. These are the times when I am so grateful that I work from home.

So I guess as you can see by the image, todays news is that we have made 5000 on our Facebook page.  It’s kind of funny to think that we have made such a milestone..and in our own time.  I always figured it was better to have people follow who were actually interested in what you do rather that just get big numbers so thats what we have done over the past nearly 4 years..just plodded along at our own pace.

I am always amazed with the feedback and support that has allowed this little business to grow, to change my life and help me active dreams I never realised would actually be in reach.  Just to make enough to work 100% from home was a dream I couldn’t imagine realising a few years back yet here we are.  It’s not for everyone but its right for me.

And we are right on the edge of a whole new beginning..lots of exciting things happening this year that I can’t wait to share with to come very soon I promise.

And thanks again for all your support..I feel very grateful x

PS Have you ever wanted to start your own creative business or work from home?  Would you like me to share some of my lessons and experiences with you?

Let me know and I will do some posts on this in the future.

Pinterest Pick… birdhouse style
pinterest pick.. alphabet monkey blog

I haven’t been on Pinterest so much lately..busy with other projects I guess.

But I jumped on yesterday and was struck by this image.  It just makes me happy to look at it.

Firstly its the colours..the teal, blue, mint shades are just my favourite and since this autumn weather here has been so warm I’ve been in a spring time mood.  I just bought some gorgeous mint bedlinen that I just fell in love with and of course now I feel the urge to redo the whole room.  Well one step at a time anyway.  I do love whites on my bed but with winter coming (when I’m not sure lol) I’m so happy to look in my bedroom door and see this happy jolt of colour.

And then I focused on that gorgeous birdhouse lamp.  It is a DIY project on this website .

It got me thinking about how often I see the house or birdhouse for popping up in things from lamps, bedheads and  wall mounted shelves.

Yes I think it is a continuing trend that can be interpreted in many ways and in all styles of rooms.

You can join me on Pinterest here.


Finally… New range sneak peek


brave moodboard range by alphabet

Good morning all and happy monday…

I’m very excited to present to you our next two mood board for our coming India style ranges…Ashkii and Brave.  There are many pieces that can either work together or work alone.

In fact , when I look over what we have designed and ordered I think many designs and options. No wonder it has taken so long to sort out!!  These ranges will be produced in extremely limited runs of 12 at a time.

So my inspiration for the Brave range has been to take the vibe of the American Indian trend and translate it into pieces that will look great in any space.     I’ve worked  in the arrow motif into an understated monochromatic look for those of you who love the minimalistic look or you can add it into the colour and astern of the Askii range below.

Ashkii (which means Boy in Navajo) is inspired by the colour and pattern.  And we are featuring a rich green and mint for those looking for something new.

We have collaborated with talented illustrator Pete Cromer ,  who sketched our super cool teepee design.  We love this sketchy free hand style and think it works very well in our new pieces.

Ashkii and Brave are both inspired by and made for little babes and boys who are free spirited and full of energy.

Who love to play make believe in the forest or in their makeshift teepee.

Who want to chase and roll and throw things and explore.

ashkii moodboard



Our patchwork quilts will now come in the boori size as the standard size.  At 100x140cm we know you will get maximum use out of your quilt and I also think this is a great size to then use as a throw on the single bed.  We will have two styles of single bed quilt cover and matching pillowcase  and they will be reversible with cool prints on both sides (one in Storm range and one in the Ashkii/Brave range).

All our quilts will be larger than our current sizes and our fitted sheets are big enough to use on a boori cot or a standard cot so we hope we can keep more of you happy.

I am also excited about the patterned fitted sheets as I feel that it is great to be able to have the sheet be such a feature..especially when we don’t use the quilts for sleeping when they are so young (Check SIDS recommendations in your country)

I know many of you have boys that share rooms so the range will be able to be used on both cots and single beds..and you can mix in a pillowcase or a cushion here and there with what you may already have to create a coherent look in the room but that doesn’t have to all be identical.  And before you ask about king singles or we can’t accommodate those sizes due the fabric width and printing restrictions.  So our primary focus remains on the nursery but we are allowing some options to assist you in transferring to the big bed..

I have learned over the past nearly four years of creating and growing Alphabet Monkey is that my mums and mums to be are very design savvy.  They love to invest in quality, cool design and they like to get a bit creative when putting their children’s rooms together.  I like to think that we can give you access to designer items that can be worked with in many different ways so that every little boys room is as unique as they are.  We encourage you to mix items we have with things you already own or go all out and get the full range and your little guy is set for years to come.

We will be doing preorders in June..stay tuned or keep up on Facebook.